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Live in Sunny Florida! 

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We have partnered with Private Hope Grants.  They are an organization that helps families with purchase assistance grants.  QUICK APPROVAL!


Click here to apply now for purchase assistance grant through  



No banks needed.  We have a wide range of options for flexible payments. We are a great place for you to buy and live.  Competitive pricing on
all our locations and models throughout Tampa Bay!  


Let us know what you are looking for and our manager will let you know about any homes that match your details.  


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Home buyers feedback:  


Nancy said:  "They made the process easy and affordable. I could not have purchased my own home without their assistance.  It's so wonderful to have something to call my own.  And my daughter Samantha loves her new bedroom.  I got approved in one day and moved in that weekend!"  


Home buyers feedback:  


Mike said:  "My wife and kids love our new home.  Even with credit problems they were so pleasant to work with and we achieved our dream."  

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